How is your relationship with your boss?

It’s not just another professional connection, but a crucial one that can significantly impact your career trajectory. A good relationship with boss increases your chances of getting the resources you need, receiving meaningful feedback, recognition, and plum assignments that result in broader visibility and growth.

An uneasy relationship creates a negative everyday experience and may slow your career. Your relationship with your boss may get strained for several reasons which may originate at your end or theirs, e.g., –

  • Lack of trust – It is possible that your boss does not feel confident about your ability to do the job. In such a case, they might micro-manage you or hand over critical projects to someone else. At the same time, if you don’t trust your boss for whatever reason, they may get the vibe and withdraw their trust in you.
  • Differences in style – If you have different ways of working, it may impact your relationship, especially if both of you believe your way is better. You evidence this when their comments on your work point to how you do things and when you do the same or have similar mental chatter.
  • Lack of connection – This could be due to differences in values and priorities caused by variance in age, gender, culture, etc., e.g., their views on work-life balance or family support. This lack of connection gets reflected in the awkwardness or the lack of conversation beyond the task at hand.
  • Your boss is insecure – If your technical skills are better or your relationships with senior leaders are stronger than your boss’s, it may threaten them. They may want to be copied on every email or get edgy seeing you speak up in meetings or talk to stakeholders. They may even exclude you from meetings.

Managing your relationship with your boss is a critical part of your job. First and foremost, look within and check if you are contributing to it in any way. Your sentiments towards them will be visible to them. If you do not respect them, your boss will surely know, and it will get in the way of building a good working relationship with them. Do what you need to and manage your emotions towards them. Everybody has something positive in them. Focus on the positive traits of your boss and build from there. Next week, I will share tips to further navigate this critical relationship. So watch out for this space.

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