Do you feel bored most of the time nowadays? 

If you are good at what you do, but it no longer excites you, you probably need new goals. Human beings seek growth and purpose. Goals provide direction and guidance in life. According to Edward Locke and Gary Latham, goals affect our behavior, as well as our performance. They mobilize energy for the persistent effort needed for development and success. Goal setting builds confidence and helps increase productivity, and achieving goals builds character. 

Here are reasons you must have goals – 

1.   Goals help you determine what you want in life  

The act of setting goals makes you reflect on what you truly want in your life and take charge of it. By taking the time to know what you want for yourself, you start consciously creating your life. You are more likely to live a fulfilled life. 

Bill Copeland said that if you do not set goals, you can spend your whole life running up and down and not achieve anything. People who do not reflect on what kind of life they want to create find themselves constantly pursuing the next big thing. They switch their direction based on what they feel enamored by in a given moment, only to give it up when the next shiny object or hot destination emerges on the horizon. 

2. Goals make you focused

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. -Zig Ziglar

You point out your life towards the goals you set for yourself. They give you a starting point and a destination to reach. Success depends on how you use your talent and where you focus it. By setting a goal, you direct your attention, actions, and behavior towards the steps to achieve it. 

Sidney Howard said – One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it. Goals act as deterrents to things that are not important to you. When you have an endpoint in mind, you stay away from distractions. 

3. Goals trigger plans of action

Goals help you break your big, intimidating dreams into smaller milestones and create plans to achieve them. You get structured and think about manageable steps to take your life from where it is to where you want it to be. 

4. Goals create accountability

Having goals makes you accountable to yourself for achieving them. You think about what you need to do by when to reach your goal. For example, to develop the habit of reading, you may set the mini goal to read for 30 minutes every night at 9 pm and finish a book every month. You will think about other non-negotiable things you need to do every day and how to do justice to them as you start working on this new goal. By living up to your expectations of self, you hold your head high and keep your energy flowing. 

5. Goals keep you motivated to act

Setting goals connects you with your deepest desires. It moves you beyond wishful thinking. You act to accomplish your goals. Goals motivate you

– by reminding you of the things you love and aspire for

– to take action to achieve your goals

– to be not daunted by challenges

– to be the person you want to become

6. Goals help you live your best life 

When you set a goal and reach it, you experience victory. The feeling pushes you towards setting higher targets for yourself and achieving even more. You do not wait for things to happen; you work to make them happen. It helps you pursue the rewards that you cherish. Without goals, you may drift into routine busyness. You may never know what you value and want and never realize your potential. Your goals shape you into the person you want to become. They are the compass that leads you to live a life aligned with your beliefs and values. 

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