These are unprecedented times. None of us have seen a pandemic of this proportion in our lifetime. There is uncertainty about everything…how long will this last, what will the new normal look like, what does it mean for us as individuals? It is a tough phase and can frustrate and cause despair. However, these are the times to tap into our reservoir of resilience and stay positive. It requires patience, and persistence to convert setbacks into the kickstart that moves you forward. Here are some useful tips to help you stay the course –

  1. Remember it is only temporary – When things get hard, we often forget that, however hard the situation may be, it will eventually end. It may take long to resolve, and it may change your life’s landscape irrevocably, but it will end. Keeping in mind the transient nature of every situation helps keep pressing forward with hope.
  2. Maintain Perspective – Take the time to look at your life as a whole and examine all the different aspects. Recognize and be thankful for all that is good and put the negative parts in perspective. Identify three things that you are grateful for daily.
  3. Focus on the mission-critical – COVID 19 is not going to go away in days or weeks. At the moment, focus on staying safe is the top priority. Have you built habits that will stay with you to keep you safe? In case you have been laid off or have a business that has been impacted, have you ensured enough funds to sustain during the period?
  4. See setbacks and transitions for what they are – a lesson to help you move forward to something greater. Figure out what this situation is trying to teach humanity. How will you incorporate these learnings into your life?
    • How will you contribute to the environment?
    • Focus on your health and wellness?
    • Make the best of your time to stay relevant?
    • How will you intentionally savor life?
  5. Figure out what you can do, given the circumstances. Start exactly where you are, use what you have, and do what you can, one step at a time
  6. Help the less fortunate ones – These hard and uncertain times are full of opportunities to make a difference to others. St. Francis said that it is in the giving that we receive. Doing small acts of kindness, e.g., checking on an elderly neighbor, volunteering your time to support those in self-quarantine, will brighten their day but will also make you feel good.