So you are joining a new organization. 

You look forward to proving yourself in the new role.

You are confident about your skills. It is a more senior role than your earlier one, and you are excited about the prospect of drawing on a larger canvas.

You may have done your due diligence on the company, the role, the culture of the organization, etc. I invite you to reflect on your beliefs about your identity. 

We all have unique identities and are often attached to them. As you take on the new role, reflect on the elements of your identity that support you and the ones that might potentially get in the way. There is a famous saying – What brought you here will not take you there. It does not mean you must compromise your values or sell your soul to succeed at work. It is a journey of figuring out how to uphold your values while being flexible about the process of doing so. For example –  

  • If giving well-thought-out, measured, evaluated with a fine-toothed comb responses is essential to you and you land up in an environment where you need to often make decisions on your toes, what measures can you put in place to help you move forward without feeling like a misfit, or incapable and panicking? 
  • If you have so far kept your personal and professional lives separate in airtight compartments, but in your new organization, colleagues get together as families often, how do you build relationships while protecting what is important to you?

These are just examples and there isn’t a single correct answer to these questions. It requires double-clicking on your behavior and reflecting on your why. Actively thinking about elements of your identity that have worked for you so far but do not support you in your new setting will help you respond in ways that maintain your inner peace while respecting and earning the respect of colleagues in your new organization. 

If this is something that you are struggling with at the moment, let us talk. You can find a convenient time here