This is the third write-up on weatherproofing your day. I was remembering a time when I was in Chandigarh during winter, and I had to catch a flight from Delhi to Pune. It did not occur to me to plan my travel from Chandigarh to Delhi a day before my flight, as driving during winter mornings is usually a challenge due to heavy fog. But somehow, we managed to reach on time and did not miss the flight.

Have you ever driven through the fog? We know that there is a way, though we cannot see it. In my journey through life, many a time, I have felt as if I am driving through fog. But I always take comfort from the knowledge that THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY, even if it is not clear to me at that moment. I know that eventually, the sun will emerge, and the fog will disperse.
FOG is also a wonderful tool given by the organization, Six Seconds. It helps bring clarity when our mind is foggy. Take out time to ask these questions to yourself. If you have time, write them down:
F: Feelings. What’s going on inside you? What are you feeling?
O: Options. What are your options?
G: Goals. What is your goal? What do you want? Which of the options is aligned to what you want? Which option will take you towards what you want?

Taking out time to do this simple exercise gives a lot of clarity. Try it out whenever you feel foggy.
I would love to hear which of the tools, pause, triad, emotional audit, imaginary umbrella, and FOG resonate with you the most. Choose them to manage your internal weather.