What are you gifting yourself this Valentine’s Day?

I share 5 recommendations below. As an act of self-love, choose one that will free you the most- 

  • The need for external validation. 
  • Letting others spoil your peace of mind.
  • Succumbing to others’ expectations.
  • Letting your past limit your future. 
  • Holding your circumstances responsible for not pursuing or achieving your goals.

How, you ask?

Once you have chosen, set your intention at the beginning of each day. Today, I will not seek external validation (for example).

At the end of each day, write the story of your day, covering your actions, responses you gave and received, results you got, and the emotions you experienced during the day. Look at the sections you do not like and rewrite them. The rule of the game is that you can only change your actions, thoughts, and responses in the story. You may want to write multiple scenarios. Reflect on what each new story tells you about what you value in your life. It is a fun exercise to strengthen your ‘choosing you’ muscle.

It is highly probable that on day 1, you will not fully live your intent. It is likely that on day 10 too, you will not fully live it, but you would have gotten better. 

Do share your experience. I would love to know. And if you need help, give me a shout. I will be happy to support you.