Sometimes in our careers, we need to start over and refresh the old. We become bored and restless, and we may even become disillusioned. The human brain enjoys learning. Our enthusiasm and energy levels dwindle when we become caught in routines and do not feel inspired. People frequently recognize their desire for renewal and reinvention, but very few act on it. The struggle is real because –

  • Leaving the status quo is difficult, especially if you have had a successful run.
  • Your success and your work are a big part of your identity. 
  • You want to make the right decision.

These are important considerations. You must dig deeper to determine what is most important to you at this stage of your life and how to walk that path. You may require the assistance of a coach to handle this, as failure to do so may result in disengagement and frustration at work.

One fundamental aspect is to develop an internal locus of control, i.e., the tendency to view what happens to you as the outcome of your actions. It allows you to focus on the future you want and the steps you might take to get there. It means taking charge of your career.

With your agency, courage, and commitment, here are some steps you can take towards renewal and reinvention of your career – 

Create your role by leveraging your unique strengths. Examine your surroundings and find a business need that is currently unmet that you can help meet for your team/company based on your particular strengths. Share your perspectives with management on why it must be addressed and how you are uniquely positioned to do it. It could begin as an added responsibility or a special project. Doing it well will open doors for you.

Innovate. Look for pain points in the system that people are choosing to live with for whatever reason. This might be an opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm, and support the business. In the process, you would also portray yourself as someone who is willing to look beyond their role, take the initiative, and bring the people and resources together to solve challenges.

Look for opportunities outside of your area of expertise. Do not feel limited or defined by your academic qualifications. As an executive coach, I see people who began as engineering managers and have progressed to become great CFOs, scientists who have become COOs, accountants who have become CIOs, and many other similar paths. These shifts occur over time when people experiment with the range of their skills and explore what piques their interest.

Take a secondment. If you work for an organization with a global presence, you can explore secondment in other countries. These are great opportunities to develop a global mindset, understand other markets and business practices, and expand your network.

A career is a marathon and not a sprint. You can revitalize yours and achieve fulfillment by taking ownership of it. Cultivating an internal locus of control empowers you to craft new opportunities by leveraging your unique strengths, innovating, looking for options outside of your domain, and seeking secondment to another geography are various ways to renew and reinvent your career.

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