I remember when my son was small, a friend of mine noticed that I never sit down to have my tea, used to try to finish few things, come back, reheat the tea, sometimes 3-4 times. When she mentioned this, I became little conscious of it and to this day, I sit down and enjoy my cup of tea. Of course, there are many areas when this kind of autopilot mode creeps in and one feels this is how life is and should be.

We live in a day and age when we seem to get high on being busy. In fact we wear the label like a badge of honor, a secret seal of approval, a validation and proof of our worthiness. If we’re not busy, constantly racing from one thing to the next, then we obviously must not be doing enough . . . right?

Can you pay attention to few things that you say to yourself or few things that you do which tells you that you are proud of this “busy badge”?