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Be Visible, Valued, and Rewarded

Often during childhood we are told that if we focus on our work, everything else will fall into place. However, the quality of work is one part of the puzzle. Concentrating only on this one part is risky for the career and causes disengagement and frustration. In ‘Being visible, valued, and rewarded’ Neelima shares how professionals can create their own blueprint to enhance their visibility at their workplace in ways that feel authentic to them.

Key takeaways: 

  • Mindset shift needed to build visibility
  • Ways to authentically create visibility
(Note: This can be held as a keynote or a workshop. Time will vary depending on the format)

The Key to Your Next Promotion 


As Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here will not get you there”. What do experienced managers need to continue to be seen as excelling in their career? How can they continue to be star performers? Neelima introduces her 5Cs career success model that breaks down the elements of building a rewarding career in a simple way.

Key takeaways: 

  • Understanding of the foundation of a stellar career
  • The most common mistake professionals make and how to avoid it
  • 5 steps to take control of career
(Note: This can be held as a keynote or a workshop. Time will vary depending on the format)

I am Remarkable


Neelima is a certified facilitator for this global Google initiative to help everyone, especially women and underrepresented communities, gain the confidence and the skills to promote themselves at work and beyond. 

Key takeaways: 

  • The audience explores their relationship with self-promotion
  • Mindset shift to break modesty norms
  • Resources to strengthen self-promotion muscle
(Note: This is conducted free of cost in workshop format only)

Why invite Neelima


As a coach, Neelima works with executives to increase their impact and fast-track their careers. She helps them increase their capacity and effectiveness by managing self and others better. Before becoming a coach, she has 23+ years of experience working with global organizations in a variety of roles – Finance, Service Delivery, Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategy and Implementation. She has worked with organizations like KPMG, EY GDS, Infosys BPM etc. During this journey, she has reinvented her career many times, led large teams and coached and mentored many. She has also been a part of the ‘Saarthi’ initiative of Indian Oil Corporation and has coached their General Managers. She is a facilitator for Google’s global initiative to help women and underrepresented communities, speak openly about their achievements. In addition, she has served on the Board of a non-profit. 

Previously spoken at events conducted by: 

  • Wider Asia, Portfolio and Project Management Team, Haleon 
  • Women’s Web
  • PMI North India Chapter and Bangalore Chapter 
  • NCR Corporation 
  • PMI South Asia Women’s Engagement event
  • PMI South Asia Common Ground event
  • Karnataka State Chartered Accountants’ Association