The other day my son came back from his cycling and shared, “ Mom, while I was in India, I used to find NYC near and now when I was standing on this side of Hudson River and could see New York City just across, I felt it’s sooooooooo far. I thought to myself, wow that’s so deep. And I have this habit of relating everything with EQ and I thought isn’t the situation same when it comes to our EMOTIONS. They are part of us, it’s biological, you can’t ignore them. But hey we don’t want to talk about them. We would rather keep them inside, squash them, bury them, deny them. I saw this image and felt sometimes, we feel like putting our emotions in a bottle and just throw them in the sea and feel wow, we can’t see them, our near ones can’t see them.

But, what can happen if we actually see them as a message with very vital information about what matters most to us. What if we just open the bottle and see the purpose and possibilities the emotion brings about?

Would you like to explore this gift with me?