To be truly productive, we need to gain the habit of being conscious and intentional about everything we do. In today’s world, we can’t just go on. “I have a busy life” autopilot and expect to end up where we want to be. Kory Kogon

I have the habit of journaling at the end of the day, there is no pattern to it, sometimes it’s reflecting on the day, sometimes it’s thoughts around some questions, sometimes it’s writing down things that I am grateful about. Now that I am thinking, picking my diary and writing something is what I enjoy and it gives me a sense of closure on the day. I wasn’t scheduling it but doing it and used to feel good about it. But for the past three weeks, I somehow didn’t write my journal and was also seeing the effects of it on me, in terms of feeling lost, a little irritated, less productive and despite seeing the effects, was still finding it difficult to pause and reflect. Does it happen to you? When life seems to go fast and pausing looks like it will delay things. I knew that this disconnection for a small duration will help me to connect with what’s important. So, I took a conscious decision to schedule this on my to-do list. There is a profound value in slowing down in our daily lives and taking time for profoundly important things.

“Sometimes we just need to put down our phones, close our eyes and take a few deep breaths. Ideas are often in-flight patterns around our brains, just waiting for clearance to land.”  Sam Harrison

An antidote to our addiction to speed and transaction, the pause is a conscious, intentional process of stepping back to reflect and deliberate, and then lead forward with greater clarity and impact. Rather than merely doing more, we must learn to pause and to do things differently to grow, achieve and innovate.

“Pause is not a delay, but a discipline. It’s not a waste of time; rather, it affords us the time to deliberate before we act.

Give yourself the permission to pause to create sacred space – the space to consciously choose how you want to respond to any situation. Dr. Debra Reble

I have given myself this permission, what about you? How do you create a pocket of pause in your daily life?