We are less than 6 weeks away from the year-end. How has this year been for you professionally and personally? 

What were your wins?

What were your challenges?

What did you learn?

If you are already thinking about the next year and how you want it to be different, I have some reflection prompts for you. 

For this purpose, I have chosen 3 categories of professionals and their challenges as examples. 

Category – 1

Who – They deal with challenging clients and projects. They always deliver; most often, they over-deliver. They are driven and love their work. They are subject matter experts. They have a lot of autonomy. They are at the front and center of what is of strategic importance to the business.  

Their pain points – They are unhappy because they feel their bosses are not adding value to them. They do not get the benefit of the review of their work or the perspective of another set of more experienced eyes. They worry that if they do not get any feedback, they will not grow further in their career.

Reflections – If you identify with the above, I urge you to reflect on the following –

  • Do you get feedback from your skip boss or stakeholder/client? What does that tell you?
  • Does your work product get used as the final product or form the basis for the decisions made by your organization? What does that tell you?
  • What is the next role you aspire to do?
  • What skills do you need for that role? What skills does your boss think you need for that role?
  • How can you create the opportunities to acquire these skills?  

Category – 2

Who – They get assigned work that has been an aspiration but has not yet been done. But these professionals make it happen once, twice, thrice. They see the pattern, identify the success formula, and apply it repeatedly. They have high expectations from themselves and others. 

Their pain points – They wait for their success to be noticed and recognized. They are unhappy because they do not feel appreciated. They want to be considered for high-visibility roles. They are frustrated at being considered good individual contributors but not yet leaders. They think the system is unfair and biased towards certain people. 

Reflection – If you see yourself in the above description, here is a reflection prompts for you – 

  • If ‘building your visibility’ was the puzzle you were assigned to solve, how would you go about it?

Category – 3

Who – They deal with challenging situations, clients, and projects. They almost always over-deliver. They are driven to solve problems. They are good at figuring out how to make things work. They solve many puzzles and tricky situations, but no one knows how. They are like those citizen volunteers who disembark from their vehicles to get the traffic flowing in a jam. They repeatedly work their magic in messy situations. 

Their pain points – They feel like they are always cleaning the house, and no one cares. They are filling in for the incompetence/bad processes across the organization but not being appreciated for it. The projects they work on are not strategically important. They hardly get any face time with their boss. They are frustrated at not having been promoted for long. 

Reflections – If you see yourself in the above description, I invite you to reflect on the following –

  • What is your unique value to your team/organization?
  • How are you conveying it to your stakeholders?
  • If the incompetence/inefficient processes were in your team, how would you deal with them?
  • The activities that consume your bandwidth, are they worth your time? 

If your unique challenges did not figure above (and they may not have), message me, and I will get back to you. 

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