Last Sunday my husband was cutting grass in the backyard and within an hour, the backyard was looking so different with cut grass, small fencing, sticks for the climber plants. Just 1 hr in the garden and it looked so good. It’s the same place but some rituals help you to reconnect with it in a different way. What are your rituals that help you give new perspectives, new awareness, new understanding? A small backyard has given me great insights on myself, and I have made this small tool for myself, called R3, Reconnect, Resourceful, Ripple. It’s good to examine one’s own internal landscape with all the stories, assumptions, biases. The first R is to reconnect with a particular thing, an emotion, a thought, any belief that you feel is not serving you now, internal rumbling which sometimes we are vaguely aware, reconnecting it by asking some questions like what is the source of that, where is it coming from, what is it that I am overlooking? For me it sometimes means, dropping my resistance to it and accepting it. Once I do this, it makes me resourceful as it gives me a new way to look at it and the last R, ripple is, how it will impact my other areas of life, how it will impact people around me.
Awareness precedes choice! When we can truly understand our inner landscape and be awake to the narratives and beliefs that run and live within us, we are able to make choices that have the potential to positively impact our lives and those around us. Building presence to our own inner rumblings requires practices that allow us to continually draw inward with ease and cultivate awareness of our voices, our preferences, and the cacophony of our inner rumblings.
Ability to journey inward and pay attention to my heartbeat, my pulse, my thoughts, assumptions, biases, desires, and judgments only comes with regular practice.
What are your practices that help you to be more present? 
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