Of all the positive emotions, I treasure serenity the most. When I am serene, my cup of life seems full and I do not want to stop drinking from it. I do not think any definition does justice to this emotion. Here are a few things that make me serene –

–         Trekking – These are special events because they happen only once in a while. They give me a chance to immerse in the beauty of nature, the regality of nature fills me with awe. I feel like a tiny spec of creation and united with all forms of life. The distance and height covered give me a sense of achievement. The camaraderie with fellow trekkers and the generosity of the local population connect me with humanity.

–         Doing yoga – This is my morning routine. As I move into each posture, I feel the stretch and breathe into the stretched muscle, I  experience being in my body. Noticing the subtle ease of attaining the posture relative to the previous week makes me feel good. Finally, as I float into savasana, I am so conscious of being alive and thankful for my body through which I experience life.

–         Reading – Books have always been a sanctuary for me. Every book takes me into a different world, opens new vistas, unravels new mysteries, inspires, and intrigues. I get enveloped, swallowed, and devoured by books. I am so thankful to my parents who were voracious readers and who surrounded us with books in our childhood.

–       Being with friends and family – I am blessed with a wonderful family and supportive friends. During our time together, I relish giving them attention and getting it from them, I treasure listening to them, laughing, and enjoying with them. It may sound cheesy, but my family and friends are the sunshine of my life.

You would have noticed, there are some common themes in this narrative. When I am serene, I am savoring the present moment. I am engaged, challenged, feeling accomplished, and connected. In these moments, the picture I am in looks just right to me and I cherish it.

Also, in all the above scenarios, serenity is not the only emotion at play. It comes with or follows an emotion of joy, awe, inspiration, connection, or pride.  Does the stacking effect of multiple positive emotions strengthen the overall impact and make serenity special? I don’t know. But I know that I actively seek serenity and create it in my life. Does it resonate with your pattern of serenity?