Managing You

"Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts" - Buddha
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Emotions are a big part of leadership, whether you are leading an organization, home or most important, “Managing yourself”. Emotions Exist and Emotions Affect US! The way we feel influences the way we think and act. In fact, the very structure of ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ are totally intertwined – the same kinds of chemicals and cells are involved in analytical thought and feeling. It has been shown that when people have damage to their emotional centers, they cannot make choices. Emotions are enmeshed in the networks of reason. It’s become important to understand what we’re feeling, what others are feeling, how to manage our own feelings and how to manage relationships with others. The program helps us in making emotions our friend and help us thrive.
Emotions don’t cause trouble by themselves; they simply bring energy and information forward. If you don’t honor them—if you don’t wade in —you’ll not only stop your growth.

Do you see yourself in this?

  • As my emotions arise, I don’t know where they came from
  • I don’t always understand why I respond in the way I do
  • I find it difficult to handle my emotions
  • Others don’t accept the way I express my emotions
  • When I am sad, I often don’t know why
  • I can’t focus
  • I don’t feel confident

What does the program help you to do?

  • You’re able to master emotions and think calmly and clearly, become a better listener, and pause before acting. Encourages reflection rather than reaction.
  • Identify patterns, triggers, and emotional habits that either drive or derail you
  • Learn practical strategies to help you respond more skillfully as pressure, tension, and complexity increase

What is included in this coaching package?

  • Six 1-hour coaching sessions (Spread over 3 months)
  • Unlimited access to me over email (you will receive responses to your questions within 36 hrs)
  • Free or discounted invitations to upcoming events/programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am so busy already! I cannot make time for one more meeting.

I know you are very busy. You are also stressed, frustrated, and confused about what are you not doing right. You are firefighting and not feeling like a success in your role. Are you busy doing the right things?
If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results. This coaching program will help you make time for things that matter.


2. I cannot spare the money.

This is an essential investment in yourself. You want to make the best effort and get the best results. Are you delivering the innovation and engagement required to take you to the next level in your current state?

Think about the cost of not taking action!
The same long hours, apathy, disengagement, average performance reviews, and frustration!

Every day you delay investing in yourself, the impact of not knowing where to pivot compounds.


3. Why is this a 3-month commitment?

3-month commitment gives structure to the engagement. It allows us to plan and prioritize elements that need attention. It creates space for –

  • your insights to seep in
  • you to try out new behaviors, and
  • your new habit to take shape.