Within me, there is both a thin and a heavy person, a quick and a not so quick learner, a winner and a loser, a dark and a light side, a confident and a scared person. I am a walking conglomeration of all these possibilities. Because it is an inclusive and not an either-or situation, the question can then become: Where do I want to put my attention? Do I choose to focus on nurturing my positive qualities, or do I place my attention on attacking, destroying, or worrying about my fewer undesirable qualities?

Some actions of mine are inspiring, some of them are something I would not like to mention.

As a parent, I am inspiring sometimes, many times, I make a lot of mistakes.

As a coach, I inspire sometimes, sometimes, I need to coach myself, or I need coaching from others.

As a wife, I am inspiring sometimes, many times, I let down my spouse.

As a sister, I inspire sometimes, sometimes I behave in many imperfect ways.

I have made room for these dualities within me and I am proud to give myself the title of INSPIRING IMPERFECT.

Once you make room for dualities to float side by side, you will become larger than any one of them. You will become the vessel that holds all your characteristics (the good, the bad, and the ugly, imperfect, angry, frustrated, friendly, motivated, strong, stubborn…….all of them). Rather than trying to crush the so called bad elements inside of you, feel free to focus on building the positive elements within you. Instead of attempting to destroy the disorganized person, you can choose to let the organized person, take more mini actions.

Once you allow intolerable thoughts, feelings, and characteristics to coexist within you, the result will be a more peaceful and quieter mind. This, in turn, will add freedom, creativity, and focus and reduce pain, struggle, and tension.

Give yourself this title and experience the liberation.