Many of my clients had their performance appraisal discussions during the last quarter. They are waiting to hear whether they will be promoted to the next level and what % hike in salary they will get. The majority of them unofficially know but are waiting for confirmation. Some, who know that they are not getting the next level they think they are ready for, are sitting on the fence, looking for opportunities elsewhere.
Is that you too?
If yes, I invite you to consider, as you move away from this job, this role, this boss, do you know what you want to move towards?
If you are planning to jump ship without knowing this, your decision will likely be not the best you can take because it would be a decision taken in distress. In this frame of mind, your body language, your energy, and your responses might reflect that the desire to rip the cord is stronger than the desire to take up the new role.
Instead, take the time to calm down. Have conversations with your stakeholders about where your self-assessment diverges from their assessment of you? What can you do to bridge the gap? If this is a behavior, or a trait, or a skill that you need to learn to get to the next stage, it makes sense to bridge the gap rather than have it follow you around. 
While you are doing this, ask yourself what do you want the next step in your career to look like. The following questions can help you shift your motivation from the desire to escape your current situation to designing how you can create the future you want.
–        What do you value the most in your current role?
–        Which strength of yours is underutilized?
–        What do you want to learn in the next phase?
–        What do you want to contribute?
–        Who do you want to serve?
–        What reputation do you want to develop?
–        Do you want to lead from the front or play a supportive role?
–        What do you want your life to look like as you reach this next phase?
Being intentional about your career can help you avoid being swayed by money, title, and other factors that eventually lose their luster. Being intentional is the recipe to move from frustration to fulfillment.

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