Often, clients approach me, seeking to develop their communication skills. Sometimes, they have received feedback that they need to communicate better, and sometimes, they want to overcome their hesitation to express themselves. These clients have convinced themselves that they need to learn to speak better. 

Speaking well is crucial to success. However, communication goes beyond speaking. Communicating well means understanding others, connecting with them, being open to their ideas, and conveying yours respectfully. Therefore, in your quest to learn speaking skills, I invite you to consider the following – 

  • Listen better – Thinking about what you will say hampers your ability to comprehend what you hear. Listening to understand will help you respond better. You will come across as a good problem solver and a confident communicator. The person you are listening to will feel important as you give them the gift of your attention. 
  • Be curious – Invite others’ thoughts into the conversation by asking questions. It conveys your presence, engagement, and the desire to understand and be understood. It also reflects your confidence.   
  • Speak up – Do not stay quiet for fear of being wrong or judged. Share your perspective and contribute to the conversation. Remember, it is your point of view. You are entitled to it so long as you are respectful and receptive to others’ perspectives. If you do not have a point of view on the topic, engage by asking clarifying questions and confirming your understanding. You are in that meeting room for a reason. By staying quiet, you are not playing your role and compromising your seat on the table. 
  • Examine your relationship with questions – Do not be daunted by the questions that come your way when you are presenting something. The purpose of these questions is to come up with a better solution. The question is a window of opportunity to co-create.  
  • Do not avoid tough conversations – Be open and honest, even when the topic is difficult or uncomfortable. It demonstrates your courage to tackle challenging situations and creates an environment of trust and transparency. 

Which one of the above will make the maximum difference to your communication? Which one do you need help with? Feel free to reach out for help