How easily do you connect with your colleagues?

In the hybrid, asynchronous, AI-aided working world, the importance of interpersonal connections remains as high as ever. But it is far easier to get disconnected from colleagues due to the pressure of deadlines and the changed ways of working. My experience tells me there is more to the lack of connections than busy schedules and technology. Here are a few more aspects that get in the way – 

  • Lack of confidence about making conversation. 
  • The desire to keep personal and professional lives separate.
  • Unwillingness/lethargy to summon the energy to converse and connect.

Read on if you identify with any of the above and want to change this.  

What is your reason to want to change?

  • Connection is a basic human need.
  • You may find people who are interested in similar things.
  • Your sense of belonging to the workplace might increase.
  • You might look forward to your workplace, meetings, and events if there are people you resonate with.
  • You might get a tribe to bounce ideas with.
  • Your ideas/projects could find more support.

What else might inspire you to want to connect with colleagues?

Connection is a basic human need, yet we make it so complex. Think about it: if you are thinking – I don’t know what to say – maybe the other person has the same conundrum! 

You can be present enough to note that. 

If you can’t figure out how to help each other out of this, you can laugh at the shared awkwardness! 

You can be curious about them, what is on their mind, what they seem to do so effortlessly, their perspective on the latest challenge or opportunity for your organization, or anything else. 

Most people love to talk about themselves. Your attention is the biggest gift that you can give. Active listening and curiosity are the easiest ways to keep a conversation going. 

So, to your challenge – I never know what to say- you do not need the latest training program, you do not need a script, you need to care for the human in front of you! 

Once you care and are willing to be curious and attentive, you may find common interests, shared peeves, and much more!

How about acknowledging that connecting with anyone requires effort till the skill becomes ingrained in you and setting the intention to make the effort?