There are times when we see the weather prediction, know it’s going to rain, take our umbrellas and not sure if it happens with you, but it happens with me few times that either I will forget that I have an umbrella in the purse or I will leave that in the car so despite carrying it, I forget to open it. What does it mean to carry an umbrella and not choosing to open it?  2020, there were many moments in personal and professional life, when I, despite being a student of psychology most of my life, forgot to open the umbrella, forgot to use some tools I have within me, to overcome certain situations, had some tough time dealing with certain changes. But this is the beauty of having a toolbox, remembering few things will help one to deal with the changes in the weather:

  1. I did not let the perfectionist bug bit me, accepted that it is normal to sometimes forget but feel it, heal it and move on.
  2. Took little more time but tapped into my inner power and felt grateful that at least I have an umbrella.

When you pick up one end of the stick, you pick up the other. Therefore, if you decide to take responsibility for your circumstances, you automatically tap into the power to change them, Dr Stephen Covey had said it so beautifully.

When we are told that the situations, we find ourselves in and the emotions we experience are largely from our own doing, it can be hard to accept. It involves a huge paradigm shift, with us taking responsibility for our current circumstances.

The natural reaction is often to resist and to argue otherwise, until eventually the light bulb flicks on. The eureka moment occurs — the realisation that we are in fact in control.

I have the biggest gift-the gift to choose.

I choose love over anger

I choose action over dreaming

I choose abundance over scarcity

I choose calmness over stress.

I choose responding over reacting.

I choose my weather. I choose to open the umbrella.