I relocated to US in Nov 2019, this time I had come with more awareness of how life is over here for a relocation spouse as I was here 12 yrs back too, but awareness to action goes through it’s own journey of resistance to acceptance. My initial optimism was going down as I found myself doing lot of mundane things over here. The day was full of things that were not giving me energy rather were sapping my energy.

When we meet someone or call someone, our first question is How are you? How are you feeling? I thought to myself it’s been a long time, I asked myself, how are you feeling Manisha? When you genuinely ask yourself and you pay attention to it, you get answers. The same happened with me. I was feeling empty.

Whether you are the manager of a home, CEO of a company, or a busy entrepreneur, your ability to be successful is equal to your physical and mental health and your ability to manage your time and

energy. I started this energy project for myself and for 15-20 days, listed down each activity I was doing and asking myself whether it’s giving energy or draining me.

“You don’t burn out doing the right things. You burn out because of what you don’t do.” When I made the decision to see where I spent my time, I discovered how many distractions I let clutter up my day. But even more significantly, I discovered what I wasn’t making time for.

How are you feeling question gave me answer to WHAT I WASN’T MAKING TIME FOR?

I consciously started adding things that is important for my well-being, for my balance.

Check your battery, see where you are, find out for yourself, every person has two lists, stop doing list and start adding list. Acting on your list will help you to re-energize and re-engage.

Do share with me your experience with this question: How are you feeling?