The time of transition from one year to the next is the time for reflection and renewal – to pause to reflect and become aware of how we think, act, and lead. Reflecting on all that we are blessed with, the learnings from the year, and looking ahead to rethink priorities and set goals opens the possibilities to navigate life and leadership more effectively.

I am sharing my personal reflections here. I hope the structure helps you too.

My gratitude for 2022

I am grateful for–

  • The travel opportunities during the year and the fact that it was possible to travel with much-reduced anxiety compared to the last couple of years
  • The chance to spend much more time with family and friends
  • My family for humoring and supporting me no matter what
  • The inspiring and driven clients whose career journeys I get to support

My learnings from 2022 – 

  • I cannot multitask. I fool myself when I tell myself that I am doing that. Of course, I can listen to a podcast as I load the dishwasher, but I cannot design a program while checking social media or talking to a friend. For me deep focus happens with instrumental piano in the background.  
  • When I consciously add joy to my life, every aspect of life gets better – my relationships, work, and well-being!

My Intentions for 2023 – Here is what I intend to start, stop, and continue to do during 2023 –

Start –

  • Enhance the joy of giving for myself. I am guilty of donating money and telling myself that I have done my bit. During 2023, I intend to contribute my time as well to the causes that matter to me. I have identified the forums I will support.
  • Eating healthy (The first step is to eat one bowl of fruit at 11 am and one bowl of salad at 4 pm every day)

 Stop –

  • Netflix during the week

Continue –

  • Upgrading myself. The books I want to read in quarter one are already on my shelf.
  • Making time for family and joy.

I find, slowing down to regroup my thoughts and focus makes me more effective.

How was 2022 for you? 

What are you grateful for? 

What did you learn? 

What did you learn about yourself? 

How will you show up in 2023?

Wish you a year to remember!