Do you think positivity is a fluffy word? Last week, one of my coaching clients said, “Are you going to ask me to be positive? I do not think that helps at all.” 

I realized that phrases like ‘be positive’ and ‘stay positive’ are mentioned liberally nowadays, and can be annoying to hear during difficult times. However, positivity does not mean ignoring difficulties and bad experiences, pretending everything is ok when it is not, and suppressing emotions. Positivity is not always smiling and looking cheerful. In fact, not acknowledging how one feels, is inauthentic to ourselves and can lead to internal conflict and distress. Not accepting a setback when it happens, takes away the opportunity to bounce back. So, positivity does not mean denying true feelings or hard reality. It is about overall perspective on life, e.g., viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light, trying to see the best in other people, focusing on what is good in your life, doing what is in your control.

Here is how a positive person acts in the face of adversity – 

1. Accepts that things have not turned out favorably, evaluates the situation, learns from mistakes, and moves on. 

2. Remains optimistic and makes efforts to succeed. 

3. Remains grateful for the good things in other aspects of life.

4. Is guided by his/her values 

5. Makes the best of circumstances, explores new possibilities, and bounces back (does not give up)

These actions reflect a person owning their power rather than being a victim of circumstances.

Positivity, hence, is the quality of having a positive attitude. It means thinking optimistically, looking for solutions, taking actions, expecting good results, and being happy. It is a frame of mind that allows you to enjoy the present moment, be tolerant and good-natured, not worry about the future, and learn from setbacks. 

Regardless of the situation, a positive attitude allows people to experience joy, love, compassion, and gratitude in day to day life. Despite the circumstances, positive people take interest in others around them, remain curious, and inspired. Don’t you think this makes for a strong case for ‘positivity’?

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