Many times, during my coaching work, I come across clients who have the desire to do more but they do not feel that they have the energy or time to embark on what they wish to. They have clear ideas of what will take them to the next level of performance and fulfillment, but they believe that they can only think about it. They cannot execute their ideas because they feel they are working on full steam and their schedule and environment do not permit them to take up any more than what is on their plate.  

We are talking about smart, intelligent, committed, and aspirational people. They are conscious that by doing more and being more, they can enrich their lives. And this is not about packing more tasks in an already stuffed day but about managing energy. 

As a coach, my job is to help them find ways to explore opportunities and discover reservoirs of energy in their day to day to life. I encourage them to journal their day. If any of the above resonates with you, please try these questions while recording your day-

  1. What are the typical segments of your day?
  2. What activities do you do in each segment?
  3. What do you accomplish in each of them?
  4. How do you feel at the end of each segment?
  5. Do you have a self-care segment?

After observing yourself for 15 – 20 days, you will find that your deep awareness regarding your day is a tool that you can use to manage your life. You will look to add more segments that make you feel enriched, nourished, energized, fulfilled, joyful, thankful, proud, powerful, and excited. You will figure out how to reduce the number or intensity of segments that make you feel depleted, sad, anxious, frustrated, weak, bored, bitter, or mad. You might find that limiting yourself was draining you more than the sheer volume of your work. You might choose to confront the inner critic or the perfectionist inside you who holds you back. You might create the support you need to reduce your energy drains. Experiencing the power that comes with knowledge will energize you further. 

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