Find the key to your next promotion

Do you feel you are working harder than ever but not getting the recognition and rewards you deserve?

Your performance reviews have become mediocre,

your working relationship with your boss is lukewarm, and

the next level appears to be out of reach!

You feel you’re missing something but you do not quite know what it is!!

If so, this Masterclass is just for you to know what you’re missing!

Date and Time – Aug 25, 11.30 am GMT/7:30 am ET /5 pm IST

During this interactive session, you will discover: 

  • Most common mistake people make in their career and how to avoid it
  • Insight about what you need to pay attention to, to propel your career
  • 5 steps to take control of your career

You will learn to stand out from the crowd, create a powerful personal brand, and influence in your organization.

This masterclass is designed for mid-senior executives who are ready to take action and advance their careers to the next level.

If you are eager to claim the recognition and rewards you deserve, we invite you to join this masterclass and learn the secrets of success from the best in the business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to earn the recognition and promotions you deserve.

I am Neelima Chakara. As an Executive Coach, I love helping my clients fast-track their careers. 

I combine my 23+ yrs of corporate experience in global organizations and my coaching expertise to help experienced managers accelerate their careers. 

I have been through the journey that you are on now, and I’ve helped others manage their careers in various situations. I know that sometimes it may feel like you are spinning the wheels but not reaching anywhere! I speak from personal experience that you can get the recognition, roles, and the compensation you deserve by being intentional about it.

Join me in the Masterclass and discover how!!


I highly recommend Neelima for those who need to gain clarity, make great change, & grow
Neelima is a great coach. In our work together focusing on career transition to next level, she provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, plans of action to enable the success, growth, and change with resilience.

Divya V

I am transparent, vocal, build relationships, and get the recognition I desire
I connected with Neelima to progress further in my career. She has enabled me to be transparent and vocal in my work. I put myself out there in my career and get the recognition I desire. Working with her has helped me look at any problems I face objectively. She has helped me not only to progress in my career but also to build many interpersonal relationships.

Shradha Joshi

I settled in my new role
The coaching discussions helped me overcome the challenging situations at the new organization. The structured coaching sessions helped me be ready for the new role and be an action taker in the early days itself.

Shelly Midha