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Transition into your new role in 90 days
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Are you stepping into a new management role?

It is an exciting opportunity and a fresh start!!

It is also a challenge to be handled with care!

You got this role because you did well in the previous one and showed potential to achieve more.
Will it be enough to do more of the same in the new role?
Most likely, not!

As Marshall Goldsmith says – What got you here will not take you there!

You do not get a second chance to make a great first impression. You need to quickly figure, what will help you succeed in the new role in an unfamiliar, high expectations environment, while all eyes are on you!!
You need to demonstrate competence, earn credibility, and establish trust fairly quickly.
This can put a lot of pressure on you, slow you down, make you second guess yourself and make you to look under-confident.

Don’t worry

You do not have to do this crucial journey alone. Our “Establish Credibility Fast in Your New Role“, coaching program is meant just to help you transition successfully in your new role.

Coaching one on one, you will navigate the transition to –

  • Define what success looks like
  • Decide who you need to be in the new role
  • Intentionally build your knowledge of the new role/organization
  • Develop key relationships
  • Avoid common mistakes leaders make in new roles
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Take action to demonstrate competence and establish credibility

Are you ready to take charge and establish credibility fast in your new role?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and design your success in your new role?

Book a no pressure discovery meeting to ask all your questions and know how to sign up for the program – 30min discovery

What is included in this coaching package?

  • Nine 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Unlimited access to me over email (you will receive responses to your questions within 36 hrs)
  • Free or discounted invitations to upcoming events/programs
  • A compilation of our blogs on establishing credibility in your new role

Take action now. Book your discovery meeting now – 30min discovery

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am so busy already! I cannot make time for one more meeting.

I know you are very busy. You are also stressed, frustrated, and confused about what are you not doing right. You are firefighting and not feeling like a success in your role. Are you busy doing the right things?
If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results. This coaching program will help you make time for things that matter.


2. I cannot spare the money.

This is an essential investment in yourself. You want to make the best effort and get the best results. Are you delivering the innovation and engagement required to take you to the next level in your current state?

Think about the cost of not taking action!
The same long hours, apathy, disengagement, average performance reviews, and frustration!

Every day you delay investing in yourself, the impact of not knowing where to pivot compounds.


3. Why is this a 3-month commitment?

3-month commitment gives structure to the engagement. It allows us to plan and prioritize elements that need attention. It creates space for –

  • your insights to seep in
  • you to try out new behaviors, and
  • your new habit to take shape.