I am working with a client (let us call him ‘Saksham’) to help him succeed in his new role after his promotion. One of Saksham’s challenges is the time he spends on work, which he should ideally be able to delegate to a position that has been open for some time. Another team member helps a bit but has capacity and competence constraints. As a result, Saksham spends a large part of his day filling in for the missing manager. He stretches every day at work and yet is not able to do justice to his new role.

Here is what Saksham felt about the situation – “Even if I hire a manager, they will take time to pick up things. I will need to spend time on getting them upto speed. I am already drowning”!

Are you in a similar situation? Let me share Saksham’s reflections on what he can do to help himself and his new manager succeed –

  1. Ensure that the new hire has the necessary hard and soft skills to do the job.
  2. Define what success looks like for the new manager quantitatively and qualitatively.
  3. Introduce the new manager to colleagues and stakeholders they will be working with. Let the team know why the new manager has been hired. Let the new hire know the people they will support and whose support they will need to achieve their goals. They will get going more quickly if they are clear about their role, the people they support, and the support available to them.
  4. Put them across resources needed to do everyday work, e.g., job aides, documentation, and people who can familiarize/train them on specific systems/processes.
  5. Not everyone on the team may be supportive of the new hire for a variety of reasons. Openly demonstrate support and help the new hire navigate any covert resistance they may encounter.
  6. Help the new hire culturally acclimatize to the workplace. Share unwritten rules of conduct in your organization. Introduce them to people who can be potential mentors and may help them succeed.

Saksham is feeling confident about hiring the new manager he needs and has started the process. What is the help you need to succeed in your role? Let us talk