It took me a year to drive on the highway, I know it’s long, I had a big list of different kinds of fear, but will write another blog for that????

This blog is to share the wisdom moments I had while I was driving.

  1. I told my husband and son to be quiet and not talk, they agreed, of course they were not happy as they had to be quiet for almost an hour and it was torture, especially when you are told to do so. It made me think that so many times while we are working on our goals, we find it easy to blame others when we don’t fulfil that goal. I thought I should learn to manage the distractions.
  2. Twice I missed the exit as I wasn’t able to change the lane and ended up reaching our destination around 20 min late. But somehow it gave me an answer to one of the problems I was facing that it’s okay to have detours, till the time you know your goal, GPS will reroute and will help you reach your destination. It’s better to enjoy the journey instead of getting worried about the missed or wrong exits.
  3. When we shared our reason for reaching late, our friend shared that once he took wrong exit 7-8 times and ended up paying toll also so many times, we all laughed, and I just added one more lesson that it happens with all and how sometimes we just beat ourselves with our so called failures.
  4. We take so long for the first step, why do we delay our growth?

Whenever you feel scared, take the step, stepping into the fear itself will give you way and courage for the journey ahead.

It’s your road and yours alone, the struggle is part of journey. Life is all about how you handle the detours.