Have you just made a transition in life?

Maybe you got married, had a child, became a caregiver for a family member…

And life changed! 

No matter how much you loved and enjoyed your pre-transition stage and how strong your foundation for earlier life was, it rarely remains the same after a major transition. 

Sometimes, losing the flavors of that earlier life does not feel good. You miss the excitement and the fulfillment that came along with it. You want to do justice to the new life, but doing so may hang heavy if you miss the elements that most satisfy you.   

You know there is no going back to old life. There are no either-or solutions. You need to get comfortable integrating the elements of old and new life. Here are some prompts to help – 

  • List everything you do/need to do in your new life. This exercise can be very revealing. It will throw up the intensity you feel about the activities you do and highlight your preference versus your reality. 
  • Use this awareness to align your actions and behaviors to what is important to you. Reflect on – Why is it important? What value does it represent for you?
  • Make a list of things you will stop doing. Prioritize what deserves your attention. 
  • Having done all of the above, consider all the expectations and boundaries you must set. 

It will be uncomfortable, especially if you are a perfectionist or like to please others. Remind yourself why you make the choices you make. Remember, following your heart energizes you, whereas acting from a place of compulsion drains you.

Are you going through a transition? Feel free to reach out for help.