Lack of clarity can show up in many different ways, e.g., being constantly busy but not making progress, feeling overwhelmed and indecisive, doubting yourself, and constantly changing your mind. When you lack clarity, you feel uncertain, anxious, disengaged, and unproductive. Lack of clarity may also manifest in the following manner – 

  1. You find your work meaningless.
  2. You say ‘yes’ to everything or ‘nothing’ because you do not know what you want.
  3. You are unhappy with the current situation but do not know what you want.
  4. You look to others to make your decisions.
  5. You are forgetful. 
  6. You are scattered, jumping from one thought to another and one task to the next without making any headway.

To combat this it is important to take the time to reflect on what you expect from yourself, what success looks like to you, and what you want your next frontier to be. Clarity helps prioritize your needs, meet expectations, and go after what you want with focus and confidence.

One of the ways you can achieve clarity is by working with a coach. Coaching helps you reflect and gain clarity by providing a structured and supportive process for self-exploration and discovery. The coach supports the coachee to examine their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, identify blind spots, and exploring new perspectives. As a result, the coachee gains a deeper understanding of their motivations, strengths, and opportunities for improvement.

The coach also provides feedback and helps the coachee see their situation more objectively. By working with a coach, the coachee gains insights into their personal and professional challenges and develops a clear and focused vision for their future. This results in better decision-making, improved relationships, and greater overall well-being.

One of my clients who jumped jobs frequently discovered what kind of work gave him joy and fulfillment during coaching conversations. He could get focused and find flow in his work.

Another client felt that his work had no value and feared losing his job all the time. During our work together, he connected with the impact he was making. He decided to get out of the weeds, restructured his work, and started delegating more. With clarity came confidence, assertiveness, and a strategic outlook.

Invest in yourself and give yourself the gift of clarity. Try journaling, finding a reflection partner, or working with a coach. Obtaining clarity about your motivations, expectations, and what success looks like can lead to a more fulfilling and confident professional life.

PS – If you believe clarity will give you the push you need at this juncture of life, book a complimentary discovery meeting with me.