Have you stopped setting goals because you have struggled with following through in the past? The biggest impact of not meeting goals is that it degrades our image in our own eyes, especially if this happens more than once. Given below is the mystery behind why you do not achieve your goals –  

  1. Your goal does not really matter to you. Maybe you set this goal because everyone was doing it or because someone else expected you to do it. You are not emotionally attached to this goal. It does not excite you. You depend on bursts of motivation that come and go rather than being committed to achieving your goal, no matter what. 
  2. Your goal is either too easy or too difficult for you. If it is not challenging enough, you will find it boring, and if it is too challenging it will dishearten you. 
  3. You wish for the result that your goal gets you but do not want the change, which the process of achieving your goal brings to your life. Goal achievement requires committed and consistent work, e.g., you cannot develop six-pack abs without putting yourself through the hard physical workout. 
  4. You do not prioritize your goal. You do not plan what you will do when to achieve the goal. You look at the efforts to achieve your goals as a residual activity to be done after you have taken care of all other responsibilities of the day. Life keeps getting in the way, and you never build enough momentum. 
  5. You do not have an effective rewards system in place. You need interim rewards to keep yourself motivated between the milestones, but the reward must be aligned with the goal. For example, if you reward yourself with ice cream for losing one kilo of weight, the reward sabotages the achievement of the goal, but if you choose a massage to reward yourself, it supports your goal. 

What is coming in your way?