How good are you at shining a spotlight on the results of your work? I invite you to read on, if the thought of promoting yourself is making you cringe. In my work as a coach, I come across mainly the following three reasons that make people stand back and not own their awesomeness. Which one is true for you?

–       Self-promotion is dirty – The idea of self-promotion makes you wince. As a child, you were told that bragging is unattractive. This conditioning makes you think of self-promotion as individualistic, self-centered, and arrogant. You think of people who are good at building visibility for themselves as ‘full of themselves”.

–       My peers will not like me – You think that if you bring the spotlight on yourself, your colleagues will not like you. You fear they may stop being friendly to you and may not support you in your day-to-day work. 

–      My work should speak for itself – This is another carry-over from school days when you focused on your studies/activities and if you did well, you were called upon the stage with a drum roll, and the rest of the school clapped for you. You continue to stick to the same script – you give your 100% to work and wait for your boss to give you the accolades.

However, that is not how corporate life works. You are hired for a role. If you, do it well, you meet expectations. It is up to you to speak about how you are adding value, what business results you are driving, the processes you are streamlining, etc. If you do not talk about them, no one will. It may lead your managers to assume that you are content with the things as they are, i.e., you are content with your role, your performance review, your remuneration, etc. and do not want them to change, or even worse, they may think you are not engaged enough at the workplace.

People around you are anyways going to make opinions about you. Why not take charge of building your perception and helping people see who you are, what you do, what you are good at, what you take pride in, and what excites you! When people know you, they will understand you better, will work more effectively with you, and your management will know how to put your talent to the best use! Remember, opportunities come when people in power see and know what you do.  

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